Nicole Miller

           Nicole Miller 

         ~Building you from the ground up~ 


The key to successful personal training:
1 Posture Analysis  ~  2 Goal setting  ~  3 Education
  • Start by booking a posture analysis, which helps facilitate a program that is safe, effective and designed to meet your needs.  The analysis will show alignment issues, muscle weakness or imbalances and every day postural tendencies.  This is the most efficient way to create body awareness because it highlights issues we didn't know were there.
  • Then we'll develop goals together for you and ensure that we accommodate any limitations or weaknesses that you may have.  We will address any injuries current or chronic to develop the safest and most rewarding programming. The postural findings will help guide your goals and areas you may wish to address.
  • Understanding how our bodies should and could move empowers and creates success.  A thorough review of the programming will take place at the end of your sessions so that any home workouts can be completed safely.  Once you have a solid understanding of the basic principles and mechanics your world will open up and you'll find success in your focus. 
  • The training principles and mindset education that I provide is proven to achieve desirable goals and is said to be a "for life" training program.   My goal is to provide cutting edge and fresh content for you to stay motivated and continue this programming throughout your lifetime.  

 Private Sessions
60min Charge:  $70/ea                      
Purchase 5-9 save:  $65/ea 
                  10+ save: $63/ea 
45min Charge: $60/session

Semi Private/Small Group Sessions 

2ppl:  $35/pp

4ppl: $20/pp

Complete Postural Assessment: 

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