Nicole Miller

           Nicole Miller 

         Building you from the ground up 


           30 min Online consultations  $30
  • Do you need extra encouragement to assist you with you at home prgramming?
  • Do you have young children at home and just can't get out of the house for your workout? 
  • Do you feel more comfortable at home or booked a trip and don't want to get off track?  
    These sessions are just for you! 
    Bring quality instruction into the comfort of your own home with an online session.
    Sessions are 30min in length at only $30!!  Sessions are focused and goal driven 
    (All clients must have completed an in-studio assessment prior to booking and attend an in-studio follow-up mi
    nimum once/6wks to address concerns and offer the safest programmi                                                Book yours today!!!  
Private Sessions
  • Private sessions are a great place to start!  Be it JOGA® or Pilates, or a combination of the two you're on your way to
            becoming a stronger, more mobile and confident you!
  • Gain the knowledge and confidence here to move forward with your workouts!
  • An excellent way to challenge and have your workout evolve.
  • Excellent for those looking to use Pilates under a rehab program for injuries
  • Superb additon to crossfit, bootcamp and gym workouts.   

    Initial sessions involve a posture analysis, goal setting and education in the basic principles of the mindful movements of the Pilates Method® or JOGA® Method.  A program will be designed to meet your needs and accommodate any limitations or weaknesses that you may have.   Down the road modifications can be made to increase the challenge and improve to new goals!  We'll introduce props like-toning balls, flex bands, BOSU® balls, fitness circles or try the REFORMER!

OR Enjoy the benefits of booking a Semi-Private with a friend! Split the cost, have fun & stay motivated!  



Private Sessions 60min Charge:  $60/each                                          Semi Private : $32.50/person hr (60min due to time it takes with multiple clients)

1hr Bulk Purchases:  5-8 sessions $57/ea,   9+ sessions $54/ea         3ppl: $25/person hr

Session 45min Charge:   $45.00/each                                                   4pp: $23/person hr

Postural Assessment: $80

Email me to book!

Prenatal Pilates Sessions $45

  • 45 minute sessions
  • Workout in a private studio with safe, effective and motivating training
  • Sessions are modified weekly with the progression of your baby's growth
  • Pilates is recommended by medical profressionals however, it is important to 
         gain clearance from your doctor prior to starting a program
  • Certified training
                                                                                                                                                                     photo creds to Caitlyn @Cait's Cafe

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