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Organic Skeleton
Cancellation and General Policy

  • Organic Skeleton follows all public health notifications and restrictions that come into effect for fitness facilities.
  • Class fees are due in full prior to the first start date of sessions. 
  • Payment will hold your spot in a session and act as a security should space availability become an issue.  
  • In the event that further pandemic restrictions are placed upon the community, class payments will be applied to the next session.  
  • Missing classes are at the client's discretion.  Attempts are made to offer additional classes if space becomes available but are not guaranteed. There are no refunds once your session is purchased.
  • Please arrive to your session with time to complete screening, set up your mat and to gather equipment you may need for class.  
  • Masking is not mandatory once covid screening has been cleared, however participants may use PPE as they desire. 
  • Sometimes breathing in cold and dry weather can make us cough, therefore in an attempt to limit coughing and the possible spread of anything airborne I ask that you please bring your water.
  • Please review the rates in the Private tab before committing to your sessions to ensure you are fully informed.
  • 24 hours notice is required for all cancellations.  Any sessions canceled with less that 24 hours notice will be invoiced for the full session rate. 
  • Please do not attend sessions if you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19, flu or other illnesses considered communicable.  
  • Participants are asked to complete standard self-screening practices at home prior to attending and alert Organic Skeleton as soon as possible to discuss the cancellation.