Nicole Miller

           Nicole Miller 

         Building you from the ground up 


Classes are held daily in a home studio location.  

For details on times/dates etc please email me 

Registration is REQUIRED to ensure classes are available and for the discount

                                                                              PLEASE BRING YOUR MAT

                             If we are not in studio we are located at the  2nd pavilion St. Christopher's Beach

      (visit for changes in location/cancellations due to inclement weather)

Class examples:
Reformer- progress throughout each muscle group with the benefits of resistance training.  Leave feeling invigorated and refreshed.
Reformer Strength-Combined training with Weights/Reformer.
Reformer Power- Lunch hour power class, combining Reformer and props to get your workout in on your lunch break.  Bring shoes and weights just to be prepared for your "Instructors Choice"!
JOGA-an athletic-based style of yoga designed specifically through sport.  This class busts the bodies weak zones and works on mobilizing the body in a way that is similar to sport. 
Matwork- If you're looking for a deep "core" connection, and to awaken every muscle in your body, then try these matwork classes!  
6Pak40- 40minutes in and out! 

Featured MMA Fighter Joel Paquette hits the body with some combination training of JOGA® and Pilates on the Reformer.

Missed classes
Are at the client's discretion. I will attempt to offer an additional class if the space becomes available, but I cannot guarantee a make-up class. Purchasing a group package offers a discount/class, however if you know you cannot make all of the classes you can purchase individual classes at the drop-in rate or you may purchase the discounted group rate and have the option to attend a make up class if it becomes available. 
There are no refunds once your class is purchased.   All classes are limited in space to allow for my fullest attention to each clients needs.

Clients must email to register & make payment to register

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