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Quotes I LOVE my Pilates class. I look forward to the class every week. Since joining Pilates, my body feels stronger, more balanced and toned. Nicole is an amazing instructor. I trust and respect her knowledge and expertise. The smaller class sizes allow for personalized attention where Nicole can encourage me to push myself harder. Nicole has lots of fun equipment that gives the classes lots of variety. I especially love the reformer with the jump board. Joining Pilates was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thanks Nicole! Quotes
Happy Client!

Quotes Nicole and Pilates was exactly what I needed after my second baby. Nicole got my body back on track and helped me regain my strength and my abs. Loved every minute of it! Thank you! Quotes

Quotes I lived in Toronto area and had a wonderful Stott Pilates teacher but she moved away. I tried so many different places but could not find anybody remotely comparable. Then I moved to Goderich area and thought I would have little hope finding good safe instruction.... But Nicole is WONDERFUL .. she teaches Stott pilates by the book. and caters to all levels. We get a great workout but do not risk injury due to her excellent teaching methods. Everybody who has any ailments... bad back, knees etc should really consider attending Pilates classes as it really helps to strengthen body and improve overall well being letting you get on with life... and it is fun too ! Quotes
Very Happy Client !

Quotes I have done a wide variety of fitness activities and feel like I finally found the one that works the best for me. The classes are always different and offer a complete workout in 40 minutes. I love using the reformer and feel that I have improved my posture and core strength. Nicole is a wonderful instructor and offers only positive reinforcement . I implement all of the practices of pilates throughout my day. I look forward to all my classes and feel energized throughout the rest of my day. Thanks Nicole. Quotes
Mary Jo
New Woman

Quotes I just spent 50minutes on the Jumpboard (Reformer class) and my Glutes are feeling it! Amazing workout!!! No impact on my sore knee and I got a kickass workout! I cannot believe how much more I have gained from having someone tell me exactly what muscles I'm using and when to use them! My bikini will be thanking you this March on my way to St Martens! Quotes
I have glutes!

Quotes Nicole is an amazing instructor! The transformation has been incredible for me! Have done many forms of weight training and Boot camps but the knowledge that Nicole brings and the personal instruction is beyond anything that I have done in the past! Quotes

Quotes I was diagnosed with disc degenerative disease and spent several years medicating with NSAID's and walking. My personal pilates journey started when I joined the 6Pak hoping to increase my core strength and decrease the meds which were damaging my health further. Nicole's personal attention to form and exercise, her dedication and commitment to her clients, knowledge of Stott Pilates has resulted in a much stronger, slimmer, healthier, medication-free version of me! It's been hard work, but Nicole is a great coach! I am forever grateful!!!! Quotes
Stronger & Healthier

Quotes "I have gained more strength and energy in a few weeks of PIlates than I have in 2 1/2 years of lifting weights! I can feel the extra power when doing routine activities and other sports. Nicole is a talented instructor who is respectful and fun" Quotes
excited student