Nicole Miller 

         ~Building you from the ground up~ 


   Group Classes
Core Basics:  Fri 9am
Matwork+:  Weds 4:30pm
Pilates At The Lake: Summer

Welcome to Organic Skeleton where a multi–faceted and organic approach is used to create personalized treatment planning for your wellness goals.  Organic Skeleton assists clients with understanding how their body moves and what limitations they
 have empowering clients, creating longterm success. Registered Massage Therapy treatments, therapist-assisted stretch sessions and private training sessions are often booked in combination 
to create crucial alignment and mobility goals. 


An organic and personalized approach to your wellness goals.


Registered Massage Therapist
Using a personalized approach to your healthcare needs, Organic Skeleton works with you to create programming designed to work with your specific limitations. 

Treatments are unique to the Lake Huron area using the addition of cutting edge movement and core specific training to help you achieve long term goals.  This a full-circle, client-centred approach to your wellness.

(60min or 90 min. sessions)


Stott Pilates Certified Instructor
Put your core to the test and build strength using 
techniques that help recruit deep core muscles, creating strong postural alignment and balance. 

Classes use controlled 
movements that assist
with injury prevention and
rehabilitation. Sessions are unique to the client and may include Pilates, JOGA or general fitness training.

Great for all levels of fitness.


Built for you
A personal workout in the comfort of your own home.  Sessions can be done with or without equipment, on a mat or on a Reformer.  Designed to achieve your goals at your pace using visualization cues and instructor demonstration to keep you motivated.

Group class options may be available upon request.

Available for team training
as well.

                                          $48.67+hst/30min   $97.35+hst/hr   $146.02=hst/90min

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